Hi everyone and a happy 2017 to you all

If there are any shooting related activities which you would like to take part in but haven’t, let us know.

You might not know that the club has a couple of brand new basic target air pistols for hire if you fancy having a go at a demanding but rewarding discipline.   £3 gets you 50 pellets, 5 targets and hire of the pistol. Ask you range officer as they are kept in the main armory.
Full-bore.  We have completed testing club rifles and have conducted test sessions at Strensall.  Now awaiting notice of dates from Strensall for 2017 plus confirmation of our training programme.
Soon as we can we’ll get a list of attendees together and we’ll get you up to Strensall to punch holes in the bullseye!

Competitions.  If you haven’t done one before, try one.  The new season starts around March so you’ve got some time to practice and think about what competitions you might want to do. Yes, you can use club guns so probationers are welcome.  There are skill levels from beginner to sea
soned expert.  Ask your range officers which competitions are available and try a couple of practice runs.

New FAC applications – vermin control and “Mentoring”
If you’re new to firearms and want to do have vermin control on your FAC, the police may request that you are mentored for a couple of sessions.  This simply means an experienced FAC holder goes with you to ensure you know the land, safe shot angles etc.
There are a couple of members who can help with this, see the club notice board for details.