Wakefield Rifle & Pistol Club

A busy but friendly club where new members are always welcome

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Two Firearms Ranges

25 and 20 yards for competition shooting

Also available for Air Rifle & Pistol shooting

Two Air Ranges

Seven 10m shooting lanes with retrievable targets

Access to Ministry of Defence Ranges

Long distance shooting out to 600+ yards

Home Office Approved

A safe environment for shooters of all ages and abilities

New Members Welcome

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Welcome to Wakefield Rifle & Pistol Club

We are an independent, volunteer run shooting club offering both air  pistol/rifle and live pistol/rifle range facilities. This is a busy but friendly club where new members are always welcome.

Beginners with little or no prior experience are especially welcome.

WRPC was established in 1977 to promote sportsmanship, competition and training in pistol and rifle marksmanship.



The club is affiliated to the National Rifle Association, the National Small Bore Rifle Association and the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain and we regularly compete locally, nationally and internationally.

Years Established

Members (and growing)

Club News

Steel plates to 1200 yards? Yes please!

Steel plates to 1200 yards? Yes please!

Club trips to the national shooting centre at Bisley   In 2023 the club started to organise trips to the national shooting centre at Bisley with a view making 1,000 yard shooting available.    The trips are proving to be very popular indeed and are now being held...

We’re open for Air membership sign-ups!

We’re open for Air membership sign-ups!

We are now open to Air membership sign-ups! The club has two dedicated 10m air ranges and two 20 yard multi-purpose ranges. We have an air compressor for filling guns at no charge to members, excellent tuition and good quality match grade air rifles and pistols for...

We’re open for firearms probation sign-up

We’re open for firearms probation sign-up

Happy new year! Probation booking slots for firearms are now available to book from February 7th onwards. Use the BOOK NOW link to, well, book one! Slots for air membership will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks at which point they will also be available to...

What We Shoot

Lightweight/Modern Sporting Rifle

Specifically designed to be shot at club level, this involves shooting bolt action or semi-auto .22 rifles for precision.

Very popular as the equipment is relatively cheap to buy.  You can easily pick up an accurate rifle with scope for around £200

Prone and 3 Position Rifle

To help with accuracy the rifles are specially made for this job and the shooters will wear jackets and gloves to give extra support to hold steady.

As it’s a discipline which demands concentration rather than rapid fire WRPC have a dedicated firing range just for this special discipline. 

Air Pistol and Match Rifle

These disciplines are on the Olympic list. The rifles and pistols are of .177 calibre and the competitor stands just 10m from the target.

We have a dedicated four firing point range just for 10m air.  This can be a demanding but rewarding discipline which requires a lot of dedication.

Full Bore Long Distance Shooting

Old historic guns which pre-date World War One, through World War Two and right up to date with the latest modern sniper rifles, if it shoots a rifle bullet, you can shoot it with our club. 

Ex-military rifles such as Lee Enfield, Mosin Nagant and even AKM’s are popular, along with modern UK legal AR15s.

Club Facilities

We are a long established members club that started out as a pistol range.

We are currently upgrading the range and facilities available for our members

Two firearms ranges

Originally designed for calibres up to .454 Casull we now operate within an upper energy (475 ft/lbs) and velocity (1710 fps) limits.

Air rifles and pistols may also be used on these ranges.

Dedicated to small bore olympic shooting

One of the ranges is set to 25 yards where it is used for three position single shot Olympic shooting.  The club competes at a high level in this discipline.

Multi-disciplined range

Currently going through re-development, this range will allow us to shoot in competitions at 25m.  Currently set at 20 yards we shoot multi-disciplined competitions on this range both Fierarms and air rifle.

Two dedicated 10m air rifle and air pistol ranges

As part of the upgrades we have recently added a second dedicated air range.  Mainly used for .177 pistols and rifles we have multiple shooters competing nationally and internationally.

Club Room and bar

Relax in our new club room before or after shooting and talk about the sport with other members.  We also have access to the bar in the sports club attached to the range, but please leave that until you’ve completed shooting!

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