How does membership work?

On joining the club you have to pass a probation period before the club will grant full membership status, which is required in order to apply for a firearms certificate.  During this time you will be taught safety, technique and shooting skills and will have ample opportunity to try lots of different firearms out.

By law the minimum period before you can become a full member is 3 months and a minimum of 12 separate visits.  WRPC maintains this minimum and places an upper limit of 6 months on probationary status.  You must complete your 12 sessions within 3-6 months of your initial visit and at that point you will be put forward for full membership.  Providing this is approved you must pay the appropriate fee and become a full member if you wish to continue shooting at the club. Don’t worry, you don’t have to appear in front of the committee to be approved.

Probationary members have a range record which is signed off by the range officer each time they shoot.  Once the minimums are reached, your range record can be handed to the secretary and the club committee will consider the application for full membership at the next scheduled meeting.


Here’s the typical course of events:-
  • Book your first session online.  A non-refundable payment of £10 is required at the time of booking.  After making your booking you must attend the club on the allotted WEDNESDAY evening at 7pm with your completed membership form,  proof of ID and proof of address.
  • Attend the club on your confirmed WEDNESDAY evening at 7pm, attend the safety briefing and enjoy your first shoot.
  • Attend on subsequent WEDNESDAY evenings and continue to pay the range fee of £5 each time.  After you have completed your sixth successful visit the membership secretary will issue a probationary membership ID card.
  • Attend on a weekday evening until at least 3 months have passed AND you’ve attended 12 times as shown by your range record.
  • On completing the probationary period you pay the appropriate fee for full membership and your application will go before the committee for approval.  Until that time you may continue to shoot as a probationer.
  • When your full membership is approved you will be issued with a Full Member card and may apply for your FAC (which the club members will assist with).

Full members are issued with a picture ID range card that must be shown AT ALL TIMES whilst using the range.