We have a range date at Strensall of Sunday the 8th of April as ever the postcode for the address you need to head for is as follows:

Scott Moncrieff Road, Towthorpe, York, YO32 9XB

Be aware however that the M.o.D and Landmarc have been cancelling dates far more this year than in previous years (8 dates cancelled so far this year) so there is a chance that this date will be cancelled at short notice, keep an eye on the club website just in case. Equally – if you’re wavering as to whether to attend – I’d suggest you do so as future dates aren’t as safe as they once were.

Please be there for 0830 for a mandatory safety briefing and to load targets onto the range trolleys – and in a newish twist – the last two bodies turning up on the day get to be Butts supervisors! It’s not an onerous task and the more people with experience of it the better for the club as we will have more people familiar with running ranges.

Please do let me know via chairman@wrpc.co.uk if you can make it, and if you need to borrow a club gun – so I can work out how much ammo to take etc.

In a slight change to what many of you have experienced at Strensall, we’re going to slot in with the YRA and share the range with them. This means we will have sentries (We will need to provide one) and we will shoot at 300, 500 and 600 yards.

Given the increased distance, there may be a chance that the RCO supervising will have concerns about your safety and that of others with you shooting your rifle at 500 and 600 yards – please ensure you have done your research and understand you rifles capabilities and that of your ammunition in your rifle and that you undertand your sighting system such that you can ensure first round hits on the target at each distance (on the paper is just fine – doesn’t have to be a v-bull!). If it cannot be determined safely on the day then you will not be permitted to shoot at 500 and 600 – of course if you don’t want to shoot those distances then that is fine also!

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Many thanks
Nick B