After many years of asking we’ve finally acquired a range license for Warcop ranges in cumbria (Go up to scotch corner, turn left onto the A66 and about half way along).

The is quite a different range area to Strensall which is exclusively gallery style ranges, whereas Warcop has a number of field firing areas, what this means for us is multiple fall when hit targets, steel plates, and vehicles to bounce rounds off all the way out to 3000 metres!

All being well – the Home Office consulation on restricting all high muzzle energy rifles above 10000J won’t decide that restriction is the way forward, and those of us so inclined can acquire a .50″ BMG rifle for some long, long range fun! If the worst comes to the worse then there’s always .338 LM to play with!

It’s going to take quite a lot of planning as there’s range recces and paperwork to complete and dates to bid for but hopefully we’ll get a shoot in in the summer.

Keep your eyes on this website for news as ever!