UPDATED 22 Feb 17: Updated guidance regards Air Weapons on “B” Range.

Recently WRPC’s Home Office Approval expired, and in an effort to keep everyone shooting both FAC and None FAC holders alike the club committee declared B range a “Miniature Rifle Range” under section 11.4 of the Firearms Act 1968.

It would appear that this situation is going to take longer than we’d like to resolve with West Yorkshire Police and the Home Office itself. This would mean an extended period whereby those members with FACs were prevented from shooting anything they possess above 22RF.

To that end at the committee meeting held on 21st Feb we agreed a course of action that will allow those members possessing FAC’s to fire any firearm of any calibre that falls under the clubs range limits:

  • 475 ft/lbs energy
  • 1710 fps velocity
  • .454” Calibre

(no upper limit on smoothbore calibre e.g. “.50″ cannon is fine).

As of Thursday 23rd February the following rules shall apply until further notice:

  1. “B” range is to be shot by FAC holders only OR any other member shooting Air ONLY – those members in possession of an FAC may shoot any firearm on their own FAC only up to the limits mentioned above.
  2. “A” range is now instead declared a “Miniature Rifle Range” as per Section 11.4 of Firearms Act 1968.
  3. None-FAC holders wishing to shoot non Air weapons may ONLY shoot 22RF and ONLY on “A” range (this applies to both Full and Probationary members without FAC’s).
  4. Full members not in possession of an FAC may shoot unsupervised on “A” range (having been issued with firearm and ammunition by an RCO). One of these members must act as RCO for that range.
  5. Probationary members may ONLY shoot under supervision of an RCO or a Full Member.
  6. “A” range may ONLY be shot with 22RF or Air. No other calibres are to be shot on this range.
  7. Probationers night is to be moved from Wednesday nights to Tuesdays until further notice.


Q: Can probationary members / None FAC holders shoot with FAC holders on B range?
A: Yes – but ONLY Air weapons, for 22RF they must shoot ONLY on “A” range. FAC holders may shoot on “A” range with none FAC holders / probationary members but using ONLY 22RF or Air.

Q: Can I shoot my .357 on “A” range?
A: Not in any circumstances given that “A” range is now a “Miniature Rifle Range”. Nothing above 22RF may be used on “A” range.

Q: I am an FAC holder why can’t I shoot someone else’s firearm?
A: Whilst the club is not Home Office Approved – the Section 15 exemption of the 1988 act (possess weapon without possessing on FAC) does not apply. The “Estate Rifle” exemption has never been tested in this way so will not be utilised.

Q: I don’t have an FAC what can I shoot?
A: Any of the clubs 0.22RF firearms on “A” range ONLY, and any of the clubs Air weapons ONLY on either “A” range, “B” range or the 10M Air range (.177 Air only).

Q: I don’t have an FAC – can I shoot on “B” range?
A: Yes – Air Weapons ONLY. Until the club is re-approved by the Home Office, the ONLY way for none FAC holders to possess a firearm is on a “Miniature Rifle Range”. ONLY “A” range is a “Miniature Rifle Range”.

Q: I have my own FAC, why am I restricted as to which calibres I can shoot on which range?
A: Both these and the previous restrictions in place have nothing to do with the status of the member (full / probationary or FAC / None FAC Holder) and were solely based around the status of the club.

Q: I’m a probationary member but can only attend on Monday, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays can I still shoot those days?
A: Tuesday is the new probationary members night until further notice, availability to shoot 22RF other nights cannot be guaranteed as this is wholly dependant on either an RCO or Full Member being available to supervise on “A” range. Air weapons may be used unsupervised on the 10M Air range or “B” range if you are unable to shoot 22RF on “A” range (ask the RCO to issue the club CO2 Pistol, ammunition and targets from the armoury – there is a small charge for this).

The new rules are designed to keep us operating firstly in accordance with the law around firearms use, and to give every member regardless of their own status the opportunity to shoot as much as is currently legally possible whilst we await re-approval.

Any queries on this specific matter may be addressed to:

[email protected]