At the Special General Meeting convened the 27th July the meeting failed to achive quorum, duly the committee arranged a postal ballot – the papers for which you all should have received shortly after this post was published.

The meeting raised a small number of points regarding the proposed version of the constitution and it was resolved to publish an amended version on the club website and linked to in the ballot papers for members to review before casting their postal vote.

A query was raised specifically around Home Office Approval criteria “I’ which states:

“I. the club will inform the police of any application for membership, giving the applicant’s full name and address, date and place of birth, and the date on which they become a full member; (see notes 1 & 8)”

The constitution of the club is required to deliver the Home Office Approval criteria – Annex A, Criteria I to the proposed constitution states:

“I.     Membership Application – Met by and – Club Secretary responsible for record keeping AND Police Liaison 7.3.1/2.”

This statement whilst factually correct is poorly worded implying that the Club Secretary is responsible for the duties of the Police Liaison Officer – to that end this has been amended to:

“I.     Membership Application – Met by and – Club Secretary responsible for record keeping AND Informing Police Liaison Officer of any applications for Membership and Police Liaison Officers duties in 7.3.1/2.

The Police Liaison Officer appointed by the club cannot perform their duties correctly without the input of the Club Secretary – which was what the previous poorly worded note was attempting to explain!

In addition the Treasurers duties were updated to remove:

“ – Oversight of fixed assets and stock.”

This reflects the fact that the treasurer does not at all times have control of the clubs fixed assets and stocks. It should be noted that the proposed constitution under section 9.1 grants the following power:

“The Committee may amend the following Sections of The Constitution without recourse to either Annual General or Special General Meetings, provided 2/3rds of The Committee are in attendance, plus 2/3rds of The Officers and the proposal is supported by 2/3rds of those in attendance”

whereby in this context the committee can amend:

“6.3.1-5 Officers Duties. Add, Remove, Amend duties as necessary.”

Should it become necessary to amend any duties of the Officers of the club and indeed the general committee then section 9.1 of the proposed constituion gives the committee a workable means to do so.

Finally – duties were added for the club FAC holder with regards to the servicability of the club firearms, the supply of ammuntion – both subject to general availability of same , and to undertake stock take and provide details to the treasurer for his records.

To download a PDF version of the constitution please see the following link: WRPC Constitution – Final Proposal