Good News!

Strensall is still on for Saturday the 21st – it looks like the rain is going to hold off till 1700, with temps somewhere around 12-14 C:

BBC Weather Strensall

Windspeeds could be in the vicinity of 6.5 metres per second upto 9 m/s – predominantly from the South, starting South South East. Strensall is shot North East:

Strensall Ranges Map

Which should mean the wind is almost full power from our right when on range (it should be about a 16th less than full power in the morning moving to about 1/8th less than full speed if I’ve worked this out right!).

This could mean quite some aim off for windage, or for those with MRAD scopes shooting 308’s – potentially 3 clicks per m/s at 300 metres distance giving somewhere around 18 clicks windage upto circa 25! (YMMV).

As a very rough rule of thumb for a 308 rifle, divide the distance to target in metres by 100, then multiply by windspeed in metres / sec.

So for example – 300 metres distance / 100 = 3. Multiply by 9 metres per second = 27 clicks.

Note that this assumes the wind to be coming from either the right or left – if the wind is at any other angle then compensation for strength has to be made! Further assumes an MRAD scope.

Don’t forget to bring waterproofs and a shooting mat or you’ll have a soggy day!