In light of the PM’s statement last night (and further from Wakefield Sport Club’s insurers telling us we’re mandated to shut down) – WRPC is now fully closed and off limits.
All door access cards have been disabled – this is to prevent gatherings at the club as people may be inclined to retrieve property as soon as they read this message.

If you have pressing need to retrieve property then contact [email protected] and we’ll assess this on a case by case basis – be warned – short of you about to have an expiring FAC there is no good reason to be attending the club at this time.

The CCTV and Alarm are remotely accessible / alerting so the club property and yours are as safe as they can be behind external armoured doors, an armoury door and proper gun cabinets.

As the COVID-19 situation abates, access will be restored as soon as it is safe to do so.

Bear with us and stay home!


Nick B