We have a range date at Strensall of Saturday the 21st of April as ever the postcode for the address you need to head for is as follows:

Scott Moncrieff Road, Towthorpe, York, YO32 9XB

Be aware however that the M.o.D and Landmarc have been cancelling dates far more this year than in previous years (8 dates cancelled so far this year) so there is a chance that this date will be cancelled at short notice, keep an eye on the club website just in case. Equally – if you’re wavering as to whether to attend – I’d suggest you do so as future dates aren’t as safe as they once were.

And lo it has come to pass the MoD has cancelled this date on us (and a few more besides in May) – it looks like the next dates will be in June – watch this space.

So far the 8th of April is still on!

Many thanks
Nick B