Apologies for what looks like a huge list of rules – this is the new normal I’m afraid.

  1. Access is restricted ONLY to those members who have made a booking to use the ranges via the https://www.myclubhouse.co.uk/WRPC booking system.
  2. If you or anyone you reside with develop symptoms after a range visit you MUST report this to the [email protected] so we can contact trace.
  3. If you or anyone you reside with is presently symptomatic – you MUST NOT visit the club.
  4. Members MUST follow current government guidance on restrictions – particularly those members of at risk groups.
  5. If you do not have a range booking made 48 hours in advance you must NOT attend the club (your cards will not let you in to the premises without a properly made booking).
  6. Do NOT turn up on the off chance – you won’t get in – we need to keep proximity to others indoors to an absolute minimum.
  7. Do NOT turn up way before your booking time and don’t loiter after – please arrive and leave promptly so as to reduce risk of bumping into someone.
  8. ONE member in the armoury at a time – this is a small space you cannot socially distance with more then one person.
  9. You MUST use the club provided sanitiser after touching any of the doors or any other surface, please don’t let this “wander off” if it looks like we’re running low – please report it to the [email protected] and we’ll get the stocks replenished.
  10. You MUST provide your own PPE if you require it.
  11. Newbury (A) Range and Emmerson (B) Ranges are restricted to ONE person only as the club is in a Tier 3 area (this will be reviewed if/when the club moves into another Covid tier
  12. The Air ranges are BOTH restricted to ONE Shooter each, the space behind the firing point is far too limited to permit more than 1.
  13. The Kitchen is out of bounds, the sink etc must not be used, Food or Drink must NOT be consumed at the club.
  14. The Toilet is locked – it must not be used, there is a significant risk of aerosolisation / transfer of the virus – this is none negotiable.
  15. You MUST provide your own targets – the centerline must match that of the marker on the target frames, dispose of the targets AT HOME.
  16. Probationary members must not attend the club – restricted to FULL Members only.
  17. The Club Room is out of bounds, the filing cabinet with your shooting logs is out of use – record the firearms you shoot in your own records and update these at the club when restrictions are lifted.
  18. Be mindful that some of our spaces such as the corridors are very narrow, make way for each other so as to reduce contact.

We won’t be running RCO nights any time soon, the situation is dynamic so we have no timeline for when we’ll restart. As the government guidance changes so will these restrictions – hopefully for the better but we’ll have to see if winter brings a second wave.

We’ll release bookings 2 weeks in advance

Many Thanks for your patience.

Nick B