Shooting is one of the safest sports around, because we make it so.

Before anyone can use our range – whether for firearms or air, it makes no difference – you will be taken through a safety briefing by one of our instructors and Range Officers. This means that everyone on the range is working to the same set of rules and has had the same level of training.

Nothing to worry about, the safety briefing isn’t a test, just a practical, straighforward introduction to our range procedures. During the briefing we will cover ;

  • The four basic rules of fiream safety – and why you only need 3 of them on an indoor range
  • What to do if you get a click instead of a bang
  • What to do if you get a dud round of ammunition
  • What to do if you get a pop instead of a bang
  • The STOP STOP STOP command

Plus general procedures and practical demonstrations.

The briefing is carried out every Wednesday evening at 7:15 for our new probationers, anyone, member or not is welcome to attend.

All members follow these common sense rules without question. There will usually be a qualified Range Officer in charge – certainly on probation nights there will be – and their instructions must be followed without question. Be aware that the Range Officer will bark commands loudly, they will not ask you politely because they need to be heard over the sound of shooting and through ear defenders. They have to be loud to be heard!

Despite this do remember that our Range Officers are volunteers and are nice, friendly human beings so don’t be afraid of asking for help or advice, it is gladly given. We were all probationers once and we’ve all made the same mistakes you will so don’t be embarassed if you drop a clanger and it’s pointed out – it’s all for safety.

One last thing – follow the Range Officer commands without question, if you disobey or ague with a Range Officer you will be asked to leave the range. If you want to discuss something with the RO, wait until they’ve finished running the range and they will be happy to talk with you off the range.