We have a 10 metre air weapons range with motorised target system including a turning target bank, plus an additional two 25 metre ranges, one being a dedicated 3 position smallbore range, the other catering for all other firearm disciplines up to the range safety limit.

We also offer a club armoury, club waiting room, toilets, microwave and kettle plus we are part of the College Grove Sports Facility which offers a full service bar, though that’s for AFTER finishing shooting !

Expansion – tenders have gone out!

As the popularity of the club increases we are seeing a growing demand for our facilities and in recognition of this we are expanding.

Currently the club has 3 main ranges ;

  • Air pistol – motorised targets, 10m
  • “A” range – static targets, 25m, 3 position and precision
  • “B” range – static targets, 20m, all other disciplines and the busiest range

We have a list of changes which will be happening or have already happened ;

  • Expansion of the main “B” range length extending the firing distance from 20m to 25m
  • Rebuilt firing points on “B” range
  • Improved lighting on the firing points – IN PROGRESS
  • Additional air range facilities including new lanes
  • Addition of a second armoury to accommodate the growing demand from our members for firearm storage
  • Removal of the existing club room which dates from 1977
  • Addition of a bigger, comfortable and modern club room
  • Addition of a purpose built training room for probation safety briefings
  • Updated membership card system – IN PROGRESS
  • Ability to renew membership via the website and pay online – COMPLETED
  • Video feeds from the ranges into the club room
  • Purchase of a state of the art radar chronograph suitable for indoor and outdoor use – COMPLETED
  • Training and qualification of Full Bore range officers to allow full-bore shooting – COMPLETED

The club has agreed with Wakefield Sports Club to take over a series of underused changing rooms which are adjacent to our existing ranges. Tendering for the basic building work to convert those rooms is going out in November 2017. Once the basic building work is completed, we will arrange for first fix and fitting out.

Obviously this takes time to implement and we will be careful to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. There will be no unannounced closing of ranges and any closing of ranges will be for an absolute minimum of time. The new facilities will be in place and fitted out before any existing facilities are altered.

Timeline – tenders for the initial building work have gone out in November 2017. We expect the building work to complete a few months after that with the aim of having the primary expansion and re-worked club entrance functional by Easter. As always we are at the mercy of the weather and people’s availability. The committee have been working on this for several years and now work is commencing, we are keen to bring it to completion as soon as possible.

In addition we have a list of changes which we are considering once the main expansion is completed, subject to budget constraints, practicality and testing ;

  • Motorised target system on “B” range
  • Improved backstop on “B” range to allow practical discliplines
  • Video based target displays on the firing point
  • Addition to the club of a state of the art Dryfire shotgun and pistol simulator / training aid
  • Snack vending machine in the club room

If any club member has suggestions for improvements do contact the club secretary, chairman or any of the range officers. Suggestions always welcome.