Following the Annual General Meeting held on 28th September I am pleased to advise members that subs for 2017/2018 have remained mostly unchanged from last year.  The changes being the removal of the early payment discount and the addition of discounts for range officers and WSM sub com members and WSC directors.

The full list of subscriptions here

We are also pleased to announce the availability of new ways to pay via Paypal & BACs and you can still pay by cheque by dropping off in the box in the club house.

The easiest and most secure way is via this website.   To renew please click the link below

Following payment of subscriptions please complete and sign a membership form and leave in the post box in the club house.  Note:  For family membership, we need each person to complete the form individually and send a photo to the club Secretary.


To ensure compliance with the law the club has to maintain a register of firearms used by members at the range.  To enable us to meet this legal requirement please complete the Firearms Register at the link below.

All data submitted is encrypted and securely stored with only the Secretary having access.

New ID cards will be purchased following renewals and require up to date photos.  Please submit a new photo to the Secretary by emailing [email protected]

If you are not intending to renew we would be grateful if you could advise the Secretary by sending an email to [email protected].