Club News

Evening peeps, Don’t forget for tomorrows shoot, you’ll be outdoors for quite a number of hours – the weather looks like it’s going to be kind to us so you may want something to cover your bonce if the sun is shining all day! If nothing else don’t forget your ear protection – there’s a bet on with the other RO’s as to how many will forget to bring it, don’t let me down asRead More
Through affiliation with the Yorkshire Rifle Association the club has gained access to the MoD range complex at Strensall near York, after a number of exploratory visits shooting with the YRA we’ve been able to take up a range day exclusively for the use of Wakefield Rifle and Pistol club members – this being Saturday the 8th of April. Ordinarily the YRA will shoot at 300, 500 and 600 metres which makes things somewhat trickyRead More
For those not fully aware the club now has a small number of NRA trained RCO’s and First Aiders. We also have a license from Landmarc to use the Military range complex at Strensall near York. Sadly that license is now due for renewal but cannot be completed till we are again Home Office approved. We have attended a few shoots at Strensall as the club is affiliated to the Yorkshire Rifle Association – thisRead More
UPDATED 22 Feb 17: Updated guidance regards Air Weapons on “B” Range. Recently WRPC’s Home Office Approval expired, and in an effort to keep everyone shooting both FAC and None FAC holders alike the club committee declared B range a “Miniature Rifle Range” under section 11.4 of the Firearms Act 1968. It would appear that this situation is going to take longer than we’d like to resolve with West Yorkshire Police and the Home OfficeRead More

Welcome to 2017

Hi everyone and a happy 2017 to you all If there are any shooting related activities which you would like to take part in but haven’t, let us know. You might not know that the club has a couple of brand new basic target air pistols for hire if you fancy having a go at a demanding but rewarding discipline.   £3 gets you 50 pellets, 5 targets and hire of the pistol. Ask youRead More

.38 Special Ammunition

Always popular with probationers and full members alike, the club has gone through a huge amount of .38 special ammo recently, we’ve ran out so have the local dealers. However we’ve managed to source 1,800 rounds from a dealer in Doncaster which means it should be BACK IN STOCK from Wednesday 30th November onwards.Read More

Full Bore Update

Committee has approved the purchase of three full bore rifles for club use in .308, 7.62x54R and .223/5.56.  Rifles will be sourced and purchased soon.  After purchasing the rifles still need to be zeroed, ballistic tables worked out and tested. The rifles will likely be Savage Axis with scope for the .223 and .308 and a good Mosin Nagant for the 7.62x54R. We’ll post pics when we get the rifles!Read More
As requested, short video showing the loading and firing sequence on the Alfa MLR. Bullets are 105gr SWC flat base, cast from pure lead and lubed with Alox. No leading on the gun, accurate and cheap to make. If you want to cast your own, the Lee mould no. is 90316. Powder is Herco though Blue Dot also works well.Read More