We have a 10 metre air weapons range with motorised target system, plus an additional two 25 metre ranges, one being a dedicated smallbore range, the other catering for all other firearm disciplines up to .454 calibre.

Both air weapons & small bore ranges offer full disabled access.  We also offer a club armoury, club waiting room, toilets and microwave plus we are part of the College Grove Sports Facility which offers a full service bar, though that’s for AFTER finishing shooting !


As the popularity of the club increases we are seeing a growing demand for our facilities and in recognition of this we are looking to expand.  We are currently in the process of tendering for work that will see the following improvements

  • Expansion of the two main shooting ranges to accommodate more firing points and installation of video equipment to track and score your shooting
  • More air range facilities with motorised targeting systems
  • Expansion of the armoury to accommodate the growing demand from our members for firearm storage.  This will allow us to offer firearm storage for member’s extended holiday periods
  • Bigger club room

If all goes to plan then the new facilities should be available during 2018.